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Certification: ISO, FDA
Packaging Material: Plastic
Storage Method: Normal
Shelf Life: >12 Months
Main Active Ingredient: Protein
Application: Meat, Drinks, Flour Products, Condiment, Jelly/Ice Cream, Baked Goods

Model NO. HUAXUAN Place of Origin Fujian, China (Mainland)
Appearance Light Yellow or off-White Powder Material Pig Skin;Pig Bone; Beef Skin;Cow Bone,Fish Scale
Smell Odorless,Neutral Protein More Than 90%
pH 6.55 Cr Less Than 1mg/Kg
Heavy Metal Less Than 20ppm Total Plate Count No More Than 1000cfu/G
Transport Package 20kg or 25kg Per Bags Specification 25kg or 20kg per bag
Trademark Huaxuan Origin China
HS Code 35040090 Production Capacity 5000tons Per Year

We are organic peptone wholesale. Organic peptone is dried meat or gelatin or protein by protease hydrolysis. Its appearance is a pale yellow powder. Organic peptones can also be formed when proteins are broken down by proteases. Therefore one of the initial digestion products of protein in our stomach is peptone.

Organic peptones tend to be a complex mixture because of different sources of protein and different hydrolysis conditions. In addition to amino acids, organic peptone also includes a variety of other components. Therefore, it can provide a variety of nutrients for biological culture. In general, proteins used for organic peptone production include animal-derived, plant-derived and microbial-derived proteins.

The production of organic peptones

Organic peptone mainly contains peptone, polypeptide, dipeptide and various amino acids. It also contains a small amount of chlorine, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, tin, copper, lead, manganese and other ions. When we add it to the bacterial culture medium, the bacterial growth will become better. Therefore various animal and plant proteins can use to prepare organic peptone. However, the amino acid types of fish protein are relatively complete, which is conducive to the growth of microorganisms. This is also an important raw material for the preparation of organic peptone.

How to use it?

Organic peptones are rich in organic nitrogen compounds and also contain some vitamins and sugars. Thus it can use as the main raw material for microbial culture medium. Therefore, we widely use it in the fields of microorganisms and pharmaceuticals. Vegetable peptones, especially soy peptones, are specially used for culturing bacteria. Because it is rich in nutrients. Of course, it can also be used as a fermentation raw material for industrial production.

Organic peptones are one of the most commonly used ingredients when preparing media. Because it can provide the nitrogen source needed for bacterial growth and reproduction. Because it is made by the decomposition of animal or plant protein by enzymes or acid-base. So plant peptone and animal peptone have their own advantages. Therefore, the preparation medium is often used by mixing the two in a certain proportion. Thus, the nutritional value of the medium can be improved. It is easily soluble in water, does not precipitate in acid, does not coagulate due to high temperature, and has a buffering effect for ampholytes. But the water absorption is strong. Therefore, we should pay attention to dry and sealed storage.


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