There are many kinds of collagen, such as bovine collagen, deep-sea fish collagen. As a supplier of collagen, we have many years of operating experience. In other words, the supplier introduces fish collagen to you.

fish collagen

Why choose our deep-sea fish protein supplier?

The following will introduce the major advantages of our fish collagen.

1. Source: In terms of safety, the skin of deep-sea fish is the safest.

2. Molecular weight: that is, peptide or oligopeptide. In terms of absorption rate, oligopeptide has obvious advantages over polypeptide.

3, state: powder form has the highest purity, oral liquid, tablet, capsule and so on will add.

4, color: powder is white rather than milky white. Furthermore, the solution is colorless or light yellow.

5. Smell: Slightly fishy, not fishy.

6, word of mouth: the higher the customer return rate, the better.

Supplier introduces function of deep sea fish collagen

Below I will introduce the functions of deep-sea fish collagen one by one.

Skin smoothing: it can fill local collapse of dermal tissue, improve flabby, tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and smooth fine lines.

Moisturizing and nourishing: unique triple helix structure can lock up 30 times moisture. Moreover, make skin moist and delicate.

Restore elasticity: after entering the skin, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, so that the skin can restore elasticity and shine. The following describes the function of fish collagen in repair tissue.

Repair tissue: stimulates intrinsic collagen synthesis. Therefore, it keeps damaged skin tissue repairing itself.

Whitening and whitening spots: make cells link more closely, accelerate the rate of new cells, remove melanin, make skin white and spots fade out. The function of fish collagen introduced next is beautiful and handsome breast.

Beautiful and handsome breast: unique hydroxyl glucine has the effect that tighten connective tissue. Moreover, support sagging breast, make breast tall and straight, plump, full of elasticity.

Improve hair quality: lack of collagen, hair will be dry and split, easy to break, dull dull, good hair.

Flexible joint: is the joint capsule and synovial fluid component. Furthermore, it can nourish joint tissue, maintain joint health and improve joint function.

Therefore, the functions of fish collagen introduced above can give us a better understanding of fish protein.

Introduce fish collagen supplier

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