Cartilage plays a very important role in the joints of our body. Because it can be used as a shock absorber, it also helps to protect the bones and joints, ensuring that our bones move smoothly and without friction at the joints. So we can consume gelatin and collagen to combat joint pain caused by cartilage wear and tear. Gelatin and collagen have been shown to stimulate articular cartilage regeneration and promote measurable growth organization of cartilage. The advantage of gelatin and collagen over other joint-improving food additives is that it not only improves symptoms but also solve the actual cause of the problem.

Collagen peptide also plays an important role in the treatment and repair of surgical wounds. Collagen peptides play an important role in improving the pain of cartilage damage, it can restore and improve various functions of our body.

Collagen peptides can improve the root cause of articular cartilage problems. Because it directly stimulates the body’s ability to naturally rebuild articular cartilage tissue, ensuring a positive balance between synthesis and breakdown of tissue within our body. It has been proved by various experiments that collagen peptides can significantly reduce functional joint pain. Therefore long-term consumption of collagen peptides can also reduce knee joint pain.